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Article Absolute path to my hosting space?
If your cPanel username is 'owen' then the absolute path would be: /home/owen/public_html/
Views: 1465
Article What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept payments via Paypal, Google Checkout, Snail Mail and all major Credit/Debit Cards. Paypal and Google Checkout allows you to...
Views: 1431
Article What are error-log files?
When a script encounters an "Internal Server Error" for whatever reason or a "Forbidden" message when executed via the web, useful information...
Views: 1384
Article Are there any contracts?
No! We don't make you sign up for a years worth of hosting if you only need a few months. You can cancel your plan at any time.
Views: 1370
Article Upload Perl scripts in ASCII or Binary?
You should always upload your Perl scripts in ASCII mode via FTP. If you upload your scripts in binary mode, the scripts will not work and you...
Views: 1346

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